Tax Return Preparation Services

Tax return preparation services

If you have ever tried to prepare your own income tax return you have probably discovered how difficult it can be to prepare the return correctly. Whether we like it or not, today's tax laws are so complicated even the simplest returns can be confusing. Even using a computer program is no guarantee that the return is right because answering one question wrong can have a major impact on the result. What may seem like a basic function for CPAs, tax preparation is one of the most complex services we provide.

Tax compliance and preparation of tax returns is much more than just putting numbers on a return or knowing the tax laws. We work with clients proactively throughout the year, asking questions about their plans and goals, researching alternative tax strategies and planning for the most efficient, practical and creative approach for the best business result. The economics of a transaction should be the driving force behind most business decisions but the selection of the best tax strategy must compliment the net end result.

Today's tax complexities and compliance pitfalls require that we understand not just the law but also the inter-relationship between our clients' personal and business tax needs. It is imperative that we take a comprehensive approach to planning our client's overall needs. Our goal is to ensure compliance with tax rules and filing requirements while never losing sight of planning and tax saving opportunities. In the end, there is no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional on your team.

Call us now and schedule your tax review and consultation. We will spend an hour with you to review your prior years tax returns and discuss your vision, values, goals and expectations for the future. Knowing about your expectations and you knowing ours is an important first step in developing a relationship built to last. We want to be on your team.