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Have your financial information at your fingertips

Have Your Financial Information at Your Fingertips

Our accounting and bookkeeping services extend far beyond preparing financial statements. Our professionals look at your business as though they were the entrepreneur and assist our clients in seeing their business from a new perspective. We ask hard questions and provide accurate and unbiased information, observation and strategies that help the business owner uncover more potential and turn it into profit.

Numbers are the historical results of what a business has done in the past. In order to uncover possibilities, we look beyond the numbers to determine what actions can be done to change the results in the future. Yogi Berra once said, "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you already got.." He does have a unique way of stating the obvious. Since we don't live in your business we see it differently than you, which helps us ask the hard questions others may take for granted.

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Small Business Accounting & Bookkeeping

It is our goal to not just record the transactions accurately, but to produce financial reports that reflect what really happened, accurately, clearly, and in an organized fashion for ease of understanding and use by business owners who want to focus on running their business rather than spend time bookkeeping for the banks and the IRS.

Performance management

Performance Measurement

By its very nature, a performance measurement system provides real-time feedback about key activities that are critical to the company and serve as a predictor of future outcomes. Simply put, performance measures serve as indicators of progress toward specific goals that are critical to the success of your company. Ultimately, performance measures provide better quality information for decision making. The bottom line is . . . most companies are data rich and information poor. Our job is to help you sort through the mountain of data to identify measures that are critical to your company.

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Forecasts, Projections & Budgets

Forecasts and projections are the two types of prospective financial statements. A budget can be a forecast or a projection depending upon whether it is based on whether management's assumptions and actions are expected or hypothetical.