Tax Planning, Consulting & Strategizing

Tax planning, consulting & strategizing with experienced CPAs

You may not have heard - tax laws are complex, confusing, and sometimes confounding. They are constantly changing, creating additional challenges which require proactive approaches to tax planning. That's why, Ross Hughes & Associates consults with our clients throughout the year, not just when we are preparing your tax return.

Most of the time planning is fairly straightforward and may only involve one or two issues. More complex issues, however, may have implications to both the business and the individual. Here, answers require consideration of all perspectives.

The best time to get us involved is BEFORE the transaction because, after the fact, planning options are greatly reduced or even eliminated. We have found that the best way to help our clients is keeping them informed about changes in the federal and state tax laws, government regulations, market changes, industry movements and other conditions affecting both businesses and individuals. We use an E-Newsletter to keep our business relationships up-to-date with news we believe is important to know. Sign up for our E-Newsletter or follow our Tweets right now and never be behind the curve.

This service includes:

  • Revenue planning
  • Deduction planning
  • Depreciation acceleration strategies
  • Tax credit strategies
  • Tax savings strategies
  • Tax payment strategies